Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Mother's Day with Miss Kate Cuttables

Good Morning and thanks for visiting my blog today!  I've been a little out of commission lately with family things that have come up and had to take priority for a little bit, but I'm back!  

Today is my day to showcase Miss Kate Cuttables, which I totally love!  If you haven't checked out the store yet, what are you waiting for?!?  

Every day a new file is released for FREE, which you can grab here ~ FREEBIE
I hope you haven't forgotten that tomorrow is Mother's Day, but if you did don't worry ~ there are tons of files in the store that you could use to whip something up and she'll never know. For my Mother's Day card I used two different files from the store, and this is what they look like when you purchase them ~ 

 Happy Mother's Day title 
 Assorted Flowers 2
 This is how my card came out, I know my mom is gonna love it! 

This is a VERY simple card to make.  With Miss Kate Cuttables files they can be used in so many different ways you can't go wrong.  On my card today I did all print and cut images, which makes it cost less in stamps because it's not as heavy as if you put all the pieces together.  As you can see the colors of my flowers are different than the purchased file ~yes, once you purchase the file you can make the colors anything you want when using the .svg.  For the center of my flowers I used Doodlebug Sprinkles (Bumble Bee Asst).

Have you ever wondered where you can find inspiration from Miss Kate Cuttables?  Well, here are some options for you ~
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I hope you enjoyed my project today, keep watching for more exciting stuff to come.  

Thanks for stopping by today.