Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Wobble

Happy Wobble Day!! 

Have you ever been working on something and you totally zone out?  Well, that happened to me with this project which is why I won't be showing a picture of the underneath where the wobble is.  I was working on several projects today and while doing this one completely zoned out and put dimensionals on the center piece instead of the wobble that was sitting right in front of me!!  I didn't realize my mistake until I went to take a picture of it and then had to cut the dimensionals off, which by the way is not an easy thing to do :(

This project is super easy and shows that wobbles are good for any type of project.  This card is for a young adult who likes things VERY simple and clean, how's this for simple and clean??  LOL 

If you don't have any Action Wobbles of your own you can pick them up at the  
Royal Shoppe  and you won't be disappointed - they give life to all your projects :)   Warning:  they are addictive!
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