Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I WOOF You on an Action Wobble!

Good morning everyone, and I WOOF you too for stopping by!! 

I've had a LOT of people ask me how I'm liking my Cameo and if I'm ready to bring my Cricut back, the answer is NO WAY!  I am so in love with my Cameo I can't imagine how I ever crafted without it.  If you have been on the fence like I was for so long about making the switch, it is soooo worth it.  I haven't even gotten to do everything that it can do yet, I think I'm holding him back ~ yes my Cameo is a "he", why you ask??? When I first got it I sweet talked him a lot to help me through the nervousness of creating things, therefore, he became a "He" when referred too or as I often call him "Cam".  LOL

I made a bunch of cards with this little image on them for my dogs to give to people, yes, they send cards a LOT.  This little doggie is sitting on a wobble, and the picture really doesn't do it justice. 

What's a wobble you ask?? It is a small spring that you can place underneath your images, die cuts or anything really and makes your images wiggle. (pictured here)

If you don't have any Action Wobbles of your own you can pick them up at the  
Royal Shoppe  and you won't be disappointed - they give life to all your projects :)   Warning:  they are addictive!
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