Tuesday, April 16, 2013

You're a rare bird on a Wobble

Welcome to this week's Action Wobble post.  

Have you used wobbles before?? If not, you are missing out on some awesomeness!!  Action Wobbles work great everything I've tried so far, and I absolutely love them (but then I guess I'm biased, huh?).  Oh well, when you get some wobbles in your hands you'll fall in love too.  

For this week's project I went super simple with this little Hula Owl and put her on a wobble....see how easy it is. 

Image from Pink Cat Studio called Hula Owl

What's a wobble you ask?? It is a small spring that you can place underneath your images, die cuts or anything really and makes your images wiggle. (pictured here)

If you don't have any Action Wobbles of your own you can pick them up at the  
Royal Shoppe  and you won't be disappointed - they give life to all your projects :)   Warning:  they are addictive!
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