Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My first DIY project!!

Hi everyone ~  I have been busy the past couple of weeks trying to clean out (and get rid of) stuff in my craft room.  My local scrapbook store was having a yard sale so I thought this year would be a good time for me to participate.  I can't wait to get the final tally as to how much stuff I sold, I'm hoping all of it cause I don't want it to come back into my room!!  

Anyway....in the process of cleaning my room I got the idea that it was time to decorate my craft caddy and three drawer cabinet that sits on my desk.  Now, mind you, I've had these on my desk for over a year and I've just been afraid to commit to a decoration for them.  Well once I started cleaning out my stuff I came across a paper pack from Stampin Up!, an old one, and I thought ~ this would be perfect for my first DIY project!!  Well, then I got excited to start but had to finish my room first to get rid of the stuff to go to the yard sale.  Once I got everything dropped off at my local scrapbook store I committed myself to getting these two items decorated...FINALLY!!  

Here is a picture of my craft caddy and my three drawer cabinet before I started ~ 

This is what my caddy looked like before I started on it...yes, I've been using it undecorated for over a year!!!  The people at Kaisercraft would probably die if they saw me using it this way ..LOL

First, I painted them both the same color with spray paint ~ 

Then I learned how to use Mod Podge ~  I'm super excited with the way they turned out...no bubbles, no wrinkles -- YEAHHHHHHH!!! 

Here is the finished product ~  I still want to add some embellishments (I've been a little busy the last couple of days), so once I get those done I'll post the FINAL, FINAL.  LOL 

If you would like to see about these items they can be found on the Kaisercraft website in the "Beyond the page" section under products.

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