Sunday, September 15, 2013

TSQ Royal Color Challenge

Hi everyone and welcome to the NEW Royal Color Challenge.  We are all super excited about this little change in the royal challenge and hope you will be too.  We will still be doing the digi challenge on the 30th of every month but we thought we'd add in a color challenge on the 15th of every month also.  We will post our colors and then show you what we created with the colors that were chosen.  

Here are the colors for this month.  We understand that everyone's computer screen will show the colors a little different so your project will reflect how you see the colors.  Here's the challenge ~ create something awesome using ONLY THESE COLORS.

This is what I created ~

Now remember, everyone's computer screen will make the colors look a little different and we understand that.  When you are making your creations you can't use any other colors than what we have posted here and get as close to the color as you can. 

Once you've completed your masterpiece post it over at The Queen's Royal Challenge where we will be picking a winner every month, and make sure you join us every month on the 15th for a new set of colors to work with.  

Would you like to see what the rest of the team came up with using these colors?  Check em out ~

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