Monday, September 5, 2011

Coloring Digi Stamps??

I have had people ask me what I use to color my digi stamps and it's kind of a funny story about what I use, so I thought I would tell it so that other people don't make the same mistake as me.  I bought a set of prismacolor pencils, mineral spirits and blending stumps, came home and started coloring right away....looked horrible.  I thought I just needed to practice, and it was gonna take a lot of practice!!  After about 4 days of coloring and talking to a wonderful friend of mine (Theresa the Scrapbooking Queen) who is amazing at coloring, we determined that my mineral spirits was the problem and why my colors weren't blending very well.  When I bought my mineral spirits I thought I would buy the one that was good for the environment, well guess what?? It might be good for the environment but it's definitely not good for digi stamps!!  LOL  Moral to this story....get the bad mineral spirits!!

Anyway, I got a little ambitious the other day with my coloring and thought I would try something with a little more detail.

Here ya go ~ 

Hope this inspires you to start coloring ... if I can do it, anyone can!!

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