Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Get "Whale" Soon with an Action Wobble!!

Well, I'm finally back from vacation and have spent the last week getting over the "vacation lag" and the cold that came with it :(  

It's been really fun getting back into my room for a little crafty fun.  I have some ideas for some really cute things coming up - hopefully my hands can create what my mind dreams up.  My mind has such awesome ideas and it's like my hands just can't keep up ~ makes me crazy! 

Oh well ~ with that being said, here's this weeks Action Wobble project ~

 This is what it looks like opened up - it's basically a "short" easel card, like a pack a matches but bigger.

 This is what the Action Wobble looks like underneath your image.  I'm sorry this picture is blurry, I tried several times but my camera was not being very cooperative.

If you don't have any Action Wobbles of your own you can pick them up at the Royal Shoppe  and you won't be disappointed - they give life to all your projects :)   Warning:  they are addictive!
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