Monday, July 4, 2011

It’s been a crafty day!

I had some projects that I needed to work on so I decided to put myself in my scrap room and not come out till I was finished!  Several hours later, I came out for dinner and went right back in.  When I finally came out for the night I had completed a calendar page for my mom, she’s been yelling at me cause the month of July has already started and she had no calendar!  I also made a sympathy card for a friend, which are sooo hard for me.  I never know what to put on the front of the card, let alone what to say on the inside. 

I feel like lately I’ve lost my crafty mojo Sad smile  It takes everything I have when I sit down to come up with ideas and colors that I get frustrated and walk back out.  I have got to get outa this slump.  A friend of mine won a Cricut Imagine on EBay the other day for $172.50!  It makes me want to get on there and grab one, but I’m trying to hold myself back!

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