Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gypsy finally updated ….

It wasn’t easy, and it would have really helped if PC would have put out some directions on their website.  Luckily, I found some direction on their facebook page so I was able to finally get it to start.  Once it started it seemed to go real smooth, till the end.  When it told me it was finished I was pretty excited, I ran in to my scrap room, plugged it in to my Cricut and immediately went to the Smiley Card Cartridge (which I’ve been waiting for).  Well, my images were there but they were still showing in red instead of black as they should when they’re linked.  Bummed out, I went back to the computer and plugged it in.  I ran the sync again and it said my Gypsy was up to date, NOT!!  I called PC (LOL), and sat on hold for 72 minutes – I can’t complain cause I could tell from the message boards I wasn’t the only person having problems.  During the 72 minutes of hold time, I fiddled with the sync program and ended up reinstalling all my cartridges.  Just as PC answered my call my sync was finishing.  I told them to stay on the line with me while I checked, and that I thought maybe I wouldn’t need them after all – the guy actually sounded relieved – LOL!!  My free cartridges were there and in BLACK … WOO HOO !!!  I thanked PC (for letting me sit on hold so long) and hung up. 

I sure hope the future updates for the Gypsy go better than this one.

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