Sunday, November 13, 2011

Imagine this…..

Wanna hear an Imagine nightmare??? Yesterday I decided to try my Imagine with the new CCR since I've been waiting patiently.  Well when I started up the CCR it wouldn't connect with my Imagine, which I didn't think was a problem since I hadn't done any updates in awhile (couple months).  I thought if I updated my Imagine that would probably fix the problem.  FOUR AND A HALF HOURS later my Imagine was DEAD!!  The computer said it was applying updates, but had said that for the previous TWO HOURS and my Imagine was stuck on the connected screen.  I let it sit for another HOUR and then couldn't wait any longer, I unplugged it!!  It was definitely DEAD and I couldn't do anything to bring it back :( All I could imagine was sitting on the phone with Provo Craft Monday morning trying to get a new machine.  I decided that I couldn't hurt it anymore at this point so why not do a reformat through the Cricut Sync and see what happens.  After TWO AND A HALF hours of going through the reformat and setup it said it was complete and told me my Imagine had an update....being very leary I said "sure, what the heck" and pressed ok.  It whizzed through the update and said my Imagine was CURRENT!!!  I tried a print/cut from the Yummy cart and it WORKED!!  I was so excited I then when into CCR and created something and did a print/cut and it WORKED!!!   I am back in business with my Imagine and no calls to Provo Craft.  I hope my story will help someone else out there that might be having problems with your Imagine :)

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